An Anniversary Gift Heíll Never Forget

Passion, fire, frenzy, excitement Ė if these are words you and husband cannot relate to, then itís time to add some spice to your marriage! All it takes is a little imagination and planning, and your anniversary gift could become just what you need to turn your flickering flame into a blazing inferno. Here are a few suggestions to create the perfect romantic evening for you and your lover.

Start the day off right by hinting at your intentions with a tantalizing invitation. A simple note saying, ďI canít wait until tonight,Ē or something similar, is especially effective when attached to a lacy thong or panty. Be sure to leave the invitation some place where only your spouse will see it.

An anniversary is a good excuse to visit your local lingerie shop. Pick out something that makes you feel confident and sensual, but that is also comfortable. Try to find a pair of sexy underwear for your husband so that he can dress for the occasion too.

There are many different kinds of adult props and games that can make the night fun and exciting. Board games specifically made for romantic one-on-one play can help build a steamy atmosphere as you put yourselves at the mercy of the directions. Massage oils, candles, and slow suggestive music relax the mind and body so that you can focus on the pleasure of the moment. Other options include, but are not way limited to, edible body paints, role playing costumes, and Kama Sutra books. If you want to get a little wild--fuzzy handcuffs.

Another important part of the evening will be food. Unless you really enjoy cooking, relax by ordering in from your favorite restaurant. Many places offer delivery, but if you are not able to find something suitable, try carry-out. Either way, it will save you from having to cook and clean up a mess. Donít forget that this night is as much for you as it is for your spouse.

Be sure to create a warm environment at both the dinner table and in your bedroom. Candles and dimmed lights always generate a romantic atmosphere, as does soft music and flowers. A bottle of wine with a glass on each side of it provides the perfect table centerpiece. Avoid loud noises, bright lights, and messy, cluttered rooms-this is one night that the kids should definitely spend at Grandmaís house.

These are only a few of the many possibilities that could make for a hot anniversary night for you and your husband. One thing is for sure, this is a gift that he will not forget- and if youíre lucky, itís a gift that will keep on giving.