Budget Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife That Wonít Leave You Looking Cheap

With gas and food prices so unpredictable these days, who has the money to buy an expensive anniversary gift? In this unstable economy many families have to tighten their budgets and cut back on extras just to make ends meet. That doesnít mean, however, that you canít give your wife an anniversary gift that will melt her heart.

You know you love your wife, and you know that she knows you love her, but this isnít always enough for women. They want to be told all the reasons why they are loved and needed- and told often. One way of doing this is through hand written notes. Give your wife a box (preferably something feminine) full of short messages that let her know you love her. On individual strips of paper, write down your wifeís good qualities and thank her for the things she does for you and your family. Some messages could contain memories you have of her through the years, affirmations of your commitment to her, and dreams you have for your future together. Youíre sure to score big points without having to spend a dollar.

Another gift you can give your spouse is time. Itís so easy to get caught up in the daily routine of life and not take time to just be with each other. This is especially true for couples who have children. Many mothers crave adult time with their husbands- and this doesnít include a quick romp in the bedroom after the kids go to sleep. In short, they desire the romance they once had before the little ones came along. Surprise your wife with a day just for the two of you. This will mean, of course, that you will need to find a babysitter for the kids, preferably someone close to the family that will take them free of chargeÖ someone like Grandma, who might even keep them overnight. Let your wife chose what she wants to do, whether itís spending a quiet day at home or taking a stroll through the park together. Just giving her the opportunity to unwind and be an adult can not only lead to a great anniversary night, but may also give your marriage a much needed boost.

Donít be afraid to fall back on the traditional gifts women love- wine, roses and chocolate. Unless you are both very picky about the quality of wine you drink, you can pick up a decent bottle for under $20. Most supermarkets carry very nice bouquets of flowers for a fraction of the price that florists charge, and a box of chocolates is relatively inexpensive. The secret in making these gifts seem extra special is in the way you present them. Light a few candles, put the roses in a vase, set up the wine bottle with a glass on each side, and have the chocolates arranged on a plate. For less than $50, you can create a romantic atmosphere that rivals any fancy restaurant.

The key to making your wedding anniversary memorable without spending a lot of money is to allow yourself to be sappy and sentimental. If you can appeal to a womanís need to feel cherished and be treated with a soft hand, you wonít go wrongÖ and if youíre really good, you are almost guaranteed to get something in return for your efforts.