First Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Although many people look at a first year wedding anniversary as nothing important, it really signifies a lot. No matter where you will go from here, you were able to withstand an entire year. This is more than many people can say about their marriages. If you are getting ready to celebrate your first year anniversary, you might not know what type of gift to give your spouse. Here are some anniversary gifts that would be very ideal for a first year wedding anniversary.

A gift that gives you the opportunity to do something together would be a great choice for a first year wedding anniversary. Some of the ideal gifts include a sporting event, a concert, an amusement park or even the movies. No matter what you decide to do, tickets or certificates that allow you to do something together can make great anniversary gifts.

Another great anniversary gift that you can give someone during the first year is a picture frame with your names and anniversary date engraved. Many are designed for first year anniversaries. Be sure to place a photo of the two of you together inside. This is an anniversary gift that anyone will remember for years to come.

Jewelry is another one of the different types of anniversary gifts that would be suitable for a first year wedding anniversary. A pendant, bracelet, pair of earrings, or even a couple’s birthstone ring can go over really well. As long as your spouse likes jewelry, this can make a great anniversary gift!

When choosing first year wedding anniversary gifts, be sure to consider anything that says, “our first year together.” Much like a 10th year anniversary or 20th year anniversary, a 1st year anniversary signifies something very special. Whether it lasts five years or until death do you part, a first year anniversary gift should be just as special as the anniversary itself is.