Anniversary Gifts for Employees

A job is a lot like a marriage-it takes time to find the right match, turn-over rates are high, and one has to have a great deal of perseverance for things to work on a long-term basis. It’s no wonder that many people never find the euphoric partnership that leads to their long dreamed of happily-ever-after. This is frustrating not only for those looking for fulfilling careers, but also for employers who find they continually have to hire new people. When they are fortunate enough to come across an individual who is willing to work hard and remain with the company for the long haul, it is wise for them to show their appreciation. One way of acknowledging an employee’s commitment is to commemorate the anniversary of their hire date with a gift.

It is common knowledge that people like to be recognized for their work. In many corporate settings it is easy for an employee to start to feel insignificant, as though they are just another number. Taking the time to single out a person and thank them for their dedication makes them feel valued. A gift is more effective than a simple thank-you card because it generates a sense of being celebrated.

The major anniversary years for the workplace are similar to those for a marriage; typically, the first, fifth, tenth, and so on, counting every five years, are celebrated. The value of the gift for each anniversary should reflect the amount of time being observed. For example, when the employee has been with the company for a year, an appropriate gift might be something as simple as a coffee cup that says, “Happy First Anniversary,” or even a gift card to a local coffee shop. After five years of employment, a fitting token of appreciation could be a bouquet of flowers or a small fruit basket. In the case of twenty-five years of service, an employer should take a cue from the wedding anniversary table, which recommends purchasing a silver gift. This could be in the form of a silver plaque thanking them for their time and dedication, or perhaps a silver watch with an inscription on the back memorializing the event.

This may sound like a considerable amount of money for a company to spend, but the benefits make it worth it. If the employees feel appreciated, they are more likely to work hard, which will result in a more profitable work atmosphere. The retention of employees also saves the employer time and money. With an anniversary gift program the entire company can feel a sense of pride in their workplace.