Green Anniversary Gift Ideas

What do cutting boards, beer, and towels have in common? Theyíre all available in healthy, environmentally-friendly forms, and they make great anniversary gifts for friends or family that prefer going natural. Thanks to the popularity of the new green movement, itís easier than ever to find earth-conscious alternatives to traditional gifts.

If you want to stick to the conventional recommendations for anniversary gifts, you wonít have any problem finding green items that fit the bill. Paper products, the suggested gift for the first year, are readily available in recycled forms, as are tin and china, which are proposed for the tenth and twentieth years. The major milestone anniversaries, twenty-five and fifty years, traditionally call for silver and gold gifts, which can easily be found at one of the many companies that re-use the minerals by melting them down and shaping them into something new.

For people less concerned about following a gift guide, the possibilities are endless. Kitchen items made from bamboo, such as bowls, cutting boards, and utensils, are perfect for green couples. The popularity of bamboo has increased by leaps and bounds because itís a readily available and renewable resource that is durable enough for long term use. Another home product that makes a fantastic gift is organic cotton linen for the bedroom and bathroom. You might not even have to go to a specialty store to find these, as many retail stores have started carrying them.

One thing crunchy people feel very passionate about is food, and you can find just about any fare in an organic form. Consider putting together a gift basket of luxury gourmet food items such as organic chocolates, cookies, nuts, and popcorn. Various beverages are also available which include coffee, tea, beer, wine, and fruit juices.

If giving a simple gift doesnít seem like enough, donít forget that there are many environmental organizations that accept donations as gifts for other people. You can even find companies that allow you to adopt an endangered animal or a piece of the rainforest, which is sure to delight your loved ones.

No matter what you choose to give, the celebrating couple will greatly appreciate receiving a gift that obviously came from your heart. Knowing that you care enough about them to support the causes they feel strongly about will touch them in a way that no other gift can.