Non-Traditional Gift Ideas for a Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

What do you buy for someone’s 25th wedding anniversary? They’ve been together for 25 years and have already accumulated a lifetime of house wares and knick-knacks. Both the traditional and modern anniversary gift tables say you should give something silver – but do you have to?

The guides for anniversary gift-giving are just suggestions and you are not obligated to follow them. Chances are, the couple celebrating would not want to receive what would almost undoubtedly amount to a pile of spoons and picture frames anyway. Just as with a birthday party or a wedding shower, you are free to purchase whatever you choose. The important thing is that the gift comes from you.

While it may seem like there isn’t anything the couple could possibly need, remember that many of their belongings may be old and worn from use. Find out if there is anything that needs replacing, such as kitchen appliances or bathroom and bedroom linens. You might be surprised to find that they are sleeping on the same sheets they received when they first got married or using the same pots and pans handed down to them by someone else.

If they are all set with the necessities of housekeeping, consider things they might want, but wouldn’t normally spend the money on. For example, perhaps there is a place they like to visit often, such as a museum or theatre. These places often offer yearly or lifetime passes that the couple might appreciate having the freedom to come and go as they please. For something more expensive you could ask other people to go in on a group gift, such as plane tickets to a destination of the couple’s choice or a weekend getaway to a nearby resort or bed and breakfast.

Depending on the activities they enjoy, other gift possibilities are: a vintage bottle of wine from the year they were married, a “bouquet” of 25 gift cards to their favorite places, his and her watches with the date inscribed on the back, or an artist’s painting of their wedding photograph.

As you can see, there really is no regulation on what you are allowed to give. A gift that comes from the heart and is specially chosen with the couple in mind will be far more meaningful than something given just because one feels obligated. However, if you still feel uncomfortable about bypassing the silver suggestion, you can always wrap your gift in shiny silver paper.